Friday, 28 November 2014

White Tiger

Short and sweet. I will admit that the mix of pomegranate and blueberry really does not appeal to me, and the smell of this tea can be incredibly off-putting...

I was quick to judge.

This tea is really delicious.It's well balanced, and a more natural tasting mix of pomegranate and blueberry that I've come across. And the flavour of the white tea really stands strong as the base flavour.

It's unfortunate that this tea has been discontinued.
White tea does not seem to be a favourite at DavidsTea.

Happy Steeping,


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Circle of Magi: Mulberry Magic

I honestly could not decide whether to do a tea I knew, or suspected I would, hate for this one. I carry such a major dislike towards the Circle level (mostly just THAT QUEST) that it honestly would make sense. BUT I decided to do Mulberry Magic. Why? Because magic that's why. That, and letting my dislike pre-guide a review wouldn't be as much fun as a wild guess!
The first time I played this, I ended up accidentally killing all the mages at the circle, and having to use blood magic with Arl Eamon. THIS TIME I ended up getting help in doing it correctly, and had the help of the mages. Bonus! EXTRA MAGIC TO GO WITH MULBERRY MAGIC

So this tea basically tastes like a less sweet version of how it smells. It's overall really pleasant (unlike this level), but I wish it had some nice sweet green tea in it as well, to help brighten things up. It just feels like it's missing something...a certain...magic. Don't judge me for trying to be punny. I swear adding some green tea would help it's case! Something with a honey taste to it?


It's a good tea! Taste test in store first though.

Still rocking that romance,


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Brecilian Forest: Nettle Leaf

Maiming and killing things
The Brecilian Forest is a dangerous place, full of things that can main and/or kill you. Much like Nettle Leaf from DavidsTea!
I kid, but this tea is hella bitter. Like, it is super good for you, but it tastes like shit. Smelling it can cause you in inhale nettle, which can sting a bit, but it tastes how it smells.

Weird and slightly off putting.'s just so...weird. IT TASTES GOOD FOR YOU. AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.

I've been putting off actually steeping the tea to review. I started typing this like...2 weeks before I drank it. The blog says yes, the taste buds say noooooooooooooooooooooooo. SO I DID IT ON HALLOWEEN. Very spoopy. Just like this tea.
Yup. Just as gross as I remember.

If this tea were in the game, I'd give it the the Dahlish in the supply crates at camp. It would strengthen them, and keep it faaaaaaaaar away from me. DWARVES NEED HEARTIER THINGS (read: something that doesn't taste gross).

And yes, Alistair and my Warden are a couple now. A loving, caring couple. I GOT MY ROSE MOTHER FUCKERS.

Hunting for Andraste's Ashes,


Friday, 14 November 2014

Kenyan Tinderet

Black tea from the Tinderet Estate in Kenya. 

This is a very strange looking tea. Like tinny little balls that resemble bird seed - Yoshi certainly seemed to think so.

DavidsTea recommended 4-7 minutes for steeping. I had to stop at three minutes because it was looking incredibly dark and I really did not want something too strong.

This is a very robust tea. Take it slow on the steeping, I would recommend even starting with one minute. It reminds me of orange pekoe, if it had been steeped for about ten minutes. There is a very slight hint of honey, but it is by no means sweet. Incredibly earthy.

If you want a kick in the ass of caffeine from your tea, this is definitely something to give a try.

I really don't think that this tea is for me, it is just too strong, but some people may really be in to that.

Happy Steeping,


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day

There will be no review today. Today's post is instead dedicated to all of those lost to us. Not just those lost in wars, but in our lives as well.

That's how November 11th always worked in my family. My grandfather served in WWII and luckily came out of it with his life.

So use today to remember those who have lived and died, loved and lost.


Friday, 7 November 2014

Cranberry Pear


Ingredients: Cranberry, black tea, pear, apple, artificial flavouring.

Lets just say, if you love cranberries or pears, you will love this tea.
It's really nice.

While you get a lot of the apple, it pairs so well with the cranberry and makes a great flavour.
I was skeptical about this one, but I can see why my mum (a huge cranberry fan) went absolutely crazy for this.

Happy Steeping,


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Orzammar: Buttered Rum

From the era (which may still be continuing) of DAVIDSTEA IS OBSESSED WITH COCONUT, I bring you Buttered Rum!

The first in my Dragon Age: Origins themed reviews! In tribute to them, I have started the reviews 5 years and a day to the North American release date of DA: Origins.

Because in my playthrough I am a dwarf, it is fitting I start with Orzammar! Buttered Rum because rum is alcohol, and alcohol is very dwarven! With our drinking and hunger for for my character, who is only hungry for one character...

Now onto the actual tea review.
This tea isn't BAD, I just wouldn't buy it again. Which is sad, because I'M A DWARF.

Alistair. Hungry for Alistair
It doesn't smell like buttered rum, first of all. It smell like a very tropical tea, which can be attributed to the coconut. Honestly, it's OVERWHELMING how much this tea smells like coconut before it's steeped, and even after it's steeped it smells a little overbearing. (Like bro, since when does plain rum make you think of sun tan oil?)
Some milk or cream helps tone it down, but it just makes it well, creamier. Which, thanks to the coconut, isn't the best option for everyone.

It basically tastes like black tea and coconut. Which, isn't BAD, it's kinda good. But, IT DOESN'T TASTE LIKE THE NAME AND THAT IS FRUSTRATING.

Forever kinda sick of coconut and in love with DA:Origins,


*This game came out 5 years ago, no spoiler warnings will be uttered